About Queenage

A marvellous new era is beckoning women – the positive, personal power of the Queenage. Queenage is the inspiring philosophy of IJ McIntyre, a lifestyle planning specialist for the second half of life.
IJ studies, savors and shares the art of living remarkably well as women age. She knows that now is the best time ever to be a woman on the upside of 45!

Queenage is an attitude! An attitude that is bigger, stronger and far more empowering and hopeful than our youth-obsessed advertising culture. Queenage is a time of personal power, poise, and possibilities.

Nurture your own Queenage attitude by checking out www.queenage.com. Subscribe to receive her monthly inspirational e-notes. Learn more about IJ’s speaking schedule for opportunities to attend one of her upbeat and often amusing presentations. She delivers keynotes and workshops for professional associations, corporations and and women’s conferences. Arrange to have her to speak to your group of women on the upside of 45.

Join IJ in the Queenage. It’s your time to reign!

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